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FALCO coming soon…

A new era within the EN-A Segment

The Falco is the result of the combination and evolution of several significant components, that Icaro has developed over the last few years.

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BUTEO XC – Review UK

by Aidan Ascent Paragliding

A review of the ICARO Buteo XC, by Aidan at Ascent Paragliding.

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BUTEO XC – Product Clip 2018

A milestone

After 2 years of developing, innumerable prototypes and based on the architecture of the GRAVIS, the BUTEO XC will be a game changer within the paragliding industry. We have been able to incorporate MID EN-B safety with astonishing HIGH level EN-C performance. We truly believe, this glid

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What is C- or REAR-riser steering?

Function and benefits

In this feature, I am going to explain the function and benefits of the so called “Rear-Riser-Steering”. As an example, I will use the riser of the BUTEO XC, which has 3 riser levels, A, B and C. As the rear level is the C riser, we will therefore call it C-Steering. As you can see on the picture...

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XENUS Product Clip

The EN-B Freestyle glider

The XENUS 22.5m² is THE perfect tool to enter the world of Freestyle. Easy fly-back manoeuvrability and an overall very forgiving flight characteristic make it easy to progress safely. With the experience of Acro-legend @Xandi Meschuh we have been able to create an dedicated Freestyle wing...

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Down to 5


An inside view of the BUTEOS XC and how to achieve the perfect Line Set.

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PANDION product clip

EN-B entry level glider

Our new low EN-B glider Pandion succeeds our Instinct TE with a completely new concept – rich and comfortable flight feeling...

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SITTA product clip

Hike & Fly

Sitta is our ultra-light hike & fly glider, that not only will be a loyal companion on many of your mountain hikings, it will also enrich your mountain flights in every way.

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Gravis product clip

With Tom Court

Our Gravis combines efficient performance and precision with highest safety characteristics.

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