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Down to 5


An inside view of the BUTEOS XC and how to achieve the perfect Line Set.

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PANDION product clip

EN-B entry level glider

Our new low EN-B glider Pandion succeeds our Instinct TE with a completely new concept – rich and comfortable flight feeling...

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SITTA product clip

Hike & Fly

Sitta is our ultra-light hike & fly glider, that not only will be a loyal companion on many of your mountain hikings, it will also enrich your mountain flights in every way.

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Gravis product clip

With Tom Court

Our Gravis combines efficient performance and precision with highest safety characteristics.

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PICA product clip

The right start

The Pica is ICARO´s new EN-A glider.
Developed to accompany you at your start into the amazing world of paragliding.

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The Macedonian Story

Brand movie 2015

ICARO Paragliders is very excited to present the new ICARO movie filmed in the wonderful scenery of Macedonia.