Rucksack light

What is it?

A 400 g heavy backpack, made of tear-proof ripstop.

Who is it for?

The Light Backpack is primarily for those pilots who want to make their way to the launching site with a low pack volume bag. It is also possible for hike and fly pilots who want to shed every gram they can, ditching the extra straps and paddings of a typical hike & fly backpack to achieve a really lightweight backpack.

How does it work

The ICARO Light backpack has 2 compression straps, a center zipper, a chest strap, ergonomic shoulder straps as well as extra straps for load distribution. The top flap can be turned and the backpack stored in it. The backpack can also be used as a fastbag for the paraglider.

- Volumet about 120 litre
- The whole backpack can be packed in the top flap so that only a small package is to be stowed for the flight.
- The ICARO fast bag can also be stowed in the top flap and thus always handy.

100.00 EUR


Vera Kaiser