The trustworthy Climber

Our new basic intermediate Pandion succeeds our Instinct TE with a completely new concept – rich and comfortable flight feeling according to the latest technology. The Pandion allows fast progress at developing flying skills without having to make compromises as far as safety is concerned.

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Product clip

Have a look at the astonishing two new colour ways for our EN-B entry glider PANDION.

very suitable for entering the B-class!

We developed a product compass so you can easily see which of our gliders suits you best:

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Who is it for:

Thermal enthusiastic climbers as well as leisure pilots will both be able to enjoy the Pandion which is easy and intuitive to fly. A safe entry into the B-class is guaranteed.


Simone Luneburg

Simone Luneburg

Contact Simone now:
+49(0)8034 / 909700

The Characteristics:

The trustworthy flying comfort of the Pandion gives you a safe and pleasant feeling at all times. The reliable feedback of the canopy lets you feel the air and assists you in finding the desired thermals.
The sophisticated layout of the lines with optimized line positions and shark-nose-profile guarantees high strength, excellent flight characteristics and a very pleasant handling when you take off.
Also in turbulent weather conditions, the glider flies safely through the air, the canopy remains steadily over you and gives an enjoyable flight feeling. Active flying is easy to learn and first long distance flights are possible, even in rough conditions. For talented students, the Pandion can also be used for training purposes.

2,849.00 EUR

The Look

Like all Icaro gliders, the design of the Pandion shows a unique detail of the Icaro Edelweiss flower – selected to fit every glider´s special characteristics and your desire to make a lasting impression in the sky.

You can choose your style from one of those two color options:

„The Pandion is a real fun glider! An all-rounder which gives you even in unsteady conditions a safe feeling. From taking off until landing you feel comfortable under the canopy which is why the glider is very suitable for entering the B-class. Due to its diversity and robust construction, I think that you will enjoy the glider for a long time!„

Wolf Schneider


Technical Details

  • Canopy material
    Canopy material
  • V-tape type
    V-tape type
  • Line geometry
    Line geometry
  • Mini ribs
    Mini ribs
  • Profile type
    Profile type
  • Number of cells
    Number of cells
Pandion XS Pandion S Pandion M Pandion L Pandion XL
Certification EN B B B B B
Flat Area(m2) 22 24 26 28 30
Proj. Area(m2) 20 21,3 22,6 23,9 25,2
Flat span(m) 11 11,4 11,7 12 12,4
Proj. Span(m) 8,7 9 9,2 9,5 9,7
Flat Aspect Ratio 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2 5,2
Proj. Aspect Ratio 3,8 3,8 3,8 3,8 3,8
Weight (Kg) 4,9 5,2 5,5 5,8 6,1
Profile Type Shark Nose Shark Nose Shark Nose Shark Nose Shark Nose
Canopy Material Skytex 38/EasyFly Skytex 38/EasyFly Skytex 38/EasyFly Skytex 38/EasyFly Skytex 38/EasyFly
Number of cells 40 + 38 40 + 38 40 + 38 40 + 38 40 + 38
V-Tape Type 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge
Mini ribs Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Number of Riser 3 + 1 3 + 1 3 + 1 3 + 1 3 + 1
Speed system Ja Ja Ja Ja Ja
winch-towing Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed way (mm) 80 80 80 80 80
Trimmer Nein Nein Nein Nein Nein
V trim 38 38 38 38 38
V max 45 45 45 45 45
Seats 1 1 1 1 1
Inspected by EAPR GmbH / Marktstr. 11 / 87730 Bad Grönenbach / Deutschland
Test reference number EAPR-GS-0634/17 EAPR-GS-0633/17 EAPR-GS-0632/17 EAPR-GS-0631/17 EAPR-GS-0635/17
Test regulations EN 926-1:2015 / EN 926-2:2013 / LTF NfL II 91/09 / LTF NfL II 60/14
Scope of delivery glider, packingbelt, innerbag, riserbag, repair-kit, backpack