Our Manifest

The ICARO Manifest

Flying has always been at the centre of our thoughts: Every technical development, every new invention was an important step towards making the experience in the air more intense, less complex and more safe. In this way we achieved a lot over the past 15 years and we will stay true to these values …

Now we enter a new era of paragliding: More agile, more dynamic, more exciting.
From now on your attitude to life, your emotion and your own style will be our priority:

  • We want paragliding to be more rebellious, individual and diverse.
  • We want more dynamic and variety.
  • We want more fun flying paragliders.

To achieve this we need new products so that every pilot can develop and realize something new. 
To achieve this we need our new category Freestyle.

  • We want you to be in touch with nature and to feel that thrill – either alone or together with friends.
  • We want a joint experience, full of shared moments.
  • We want paragliders with a fresh, vivid style.

Love in every detail, iconic designs, responsibility towards the environment:
With this we have set a high standard which we will achieve together with you.

We will bring a breath of fresh air into paragliding. Our sport needs impulses.
We will change this now! Join us – we are taking off.