Speed system

What is it

The ICARO speed bar is the most up to date speed system on the market. Light, robust, functional and easy to handle.

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Speedbar movie

How to use the ICARO Speedbar...

The Characteristics

The ICARO speed system has various unique features:
— Simple adjustment of the acceleration length by moving a knot within the speed bar.
— When opening the back flap not only the line length can be altered but also excess line material can be stowed away.
— Extremely anti-skidding EVA-foam on the tread surface of the speed bar prevents slipping of the feet when accelerating.
— Aero Dynamic Brummel hooks guarantee the perfect connection of the speed system to our risers.
— The Nitinol (spring steel)-reinforced strap enables an easy “pick up” of the accelerator with the feet.
— 100g Weight

64.00 EUR


Vera Kaiser