Safety Messages

Dear Icaro Pilot,

below you will find all the latest safety messages that apply to our products:

Safety message – PANDION

During an internal quality control on a PANDION_M glider, we noticed a mistakenly used line type. Instead of the specified TSL 380 for the A1 main-line, a TSL 500 has been used. Furthermore, we found wrongly used line types on a PANDION_S. TSL 90 have been used on the C/D Top-lines instead of specified DSL 70.
ICARO recommends to change the mentioned lines on all PANDION models. All lines will be provided by ICARO free of charge. We recommend to contact your flight school or dealer to assemble the new lines. Please feel free to get in touch with ICARO directly in order to find the best solution for replacement of the lines. We have to assume that all PANDION sizes have been affected. Flintsbach, 5th December 2017

Safety message – Finsterwalder harness buckles

Repair kit – Finsterwalder harness buckles