Concertina Bag

What it is

The concertina bag is a „MUST HAVE“ for packing your glider gently. Not only for gliders with mini ribs at the leading edge it brings a huge advantage but also for all other types.

who it is for:

For all pilots, who want to pack their glider gently and want to ensure that the material of the glider is well protected. Because the method of packing “cell on cell” does not only protect against bending of the mini ribs at the leading edge but also makes sure your glider remains in good condition.

How does it work?

When you place the gathered glider onto the opened concertina bag which is made of durable but light material, the packing becomes child’s play:

— Pull out the leech, place the lines onto the lower sail of the glider, place the leading edge double-sided cell on cell.

— Stow the risers into the riser pocket provided, gather the leech, close fixation buckles and zip, pull both tie rods at the top and at the bottom tight, fold the concertina bag and fix it with the Velcro-strap. Done.

It supports the airing of the material. Nevertheless the glider must never be packed when it is wet or damp!

Weight: 400g

76.00 EUR

Length opened 180 cm
Height packed 20 cm
Width packed 30 cm
Length packed 65 cm


Vera Kaiser