Lite Biplace

Lightweight and reliable

Beside our popular single lite rescues in two sizes with a maximum load of 105 kg or 120 kg, the Lite Biplace offers the same lightweight and reliable characteristics for tandem flights!

Who is it for:

For all tandem pilots, who prefer a light and reliable rescue system without lacking any safety.

The Characteristics

Looking at this round head-central line with drawn in vertex rescue system, you can highlight the fact that the area did not need to be reduced in order to safe weight due to very high value and light materials.

The Lite Biplace convince with
— easy handling when packing and when operating,
— fast opening times,
— high stability during the sink phase and low sinking speed
— a small packing volume and weight compared with other light rescue systems.

967.00 EUR

Lite Biplace
Area (m2) 66
number of cells 36
weigth with container (Kg) 2,9
Packsize (L x B x H)(cm) 27 x 27 x 20
maximum load (Kg) 220
sink rate with max. load (m/s) <6,5
center line 1
reference number EAPR-RG-477/16