Square 115

The Cross Rescue

The square shaped rescue is manufactured with a highly specialized parachute fabric. SQUARE means the perfect balance in between light textiles and safety.

Who is it for:

The SQUARE suits every pilot who requires an extra light weight rescue, a small packaging volume, fast opening and excellent pendulum stability.

The Characteristics

— 36,2 m² of high-grade UTT fabric and specialized Liros lines sum up to a total weight of 1.3 kg.
— the square shaped and precisely constructed air slots at the angles provide the tremendous pendulum stability.
— compared to other common oblong shaped parachutes the sink rate is much slower.
— particular pockets at the inner containers assure an accurate release of the ropes during rescue opening - immediate opening is guaranteed.

Area (m2) 36,2
Number of cells 20
Weight with container (Kg) 1,3
Packsize (L x B x H)(cm) 24 x 24 x 10
Maximum load (Kg) 115
Sink rate with max. load (m/s) 5,46
Center lines 2
Standarts Applyed AIR TURQUOISE
Test regulations EN12491/2015 / LTF NfL II 9109
Reference number LTF EP 151.2016