One for all

Our glider rucksack is setting new standards in the area of carrying comfort.
Robust and reliable it allows you to take your ICARO equipment anywhere stowed away compactly.

The Characteristics

The continuously adjustable chest strap and the newly developed carrying system with padded shoulder straps and hip fins not only prevent from sliding and tilting but also distribute the carrying load precisely and comfortably – a long lasting carrying comfort is guaranteed. The balanced construction of the rucksack and the multilayer ground material distributes the contents in a way that the rucksack comes to a stand all by itself. On the sides you have compression straps in order to adapt the packaging size. Available in size S / 100 liter, M / 115 liter and L with a volume of 130 liter. A spacious pocket at the upper side offers storage room for accessory. Latest materials guarantee high endurance combined with little weight:
S = 90 L / 900 g
M = 100 L / 1000 g
L = 115 L / 1100 g

84.00 EUR


Vera Kaiser