Checks and repairs

Repairs are only permitted to be done by ICARO Paragliders or by persons authorised to do so by ICARO paragliders. Otherwise you may lose your guarantee claim.

We recommend sending your paraglider back to ICARO paragliders to be checked every 24 months or after every 150 operating hours* at the latest. A check after the first 12 months in the lifetime of the glider is not necessary.
* To the 150 operating hours is groundhandling inherent.

Note: A check every 2 years is compulsory in Germany.

The MZL number will lose validity if the check every 2 years is not adhered to. This is conducted by the manufacturer or importer.

The check every 2 years examines the technical state of the paraglider and also wear and tear (e.g. UV light). It is an appraisal for further flight competence. The result of the bi-annual check is noted in the Check Protocol.

The check every 2 years also includes the following:

  • Porosity and strenght property of the sail cloth
  • Line length control
  • Breaking strenght of the lines
  • Seam and line lock control
  • Line coating check for damage
  • Check upper and lower sail for damage

The tagging of the check every 2 years is confirmed by a mark on the glider by an authorized person and added to the check records and manual.. Some gliders will get admittance for a shorter time, depending on the condition of the glider.

Every paraglider is checked at ICARO paragliders by specialised team members with best possible factory internal procedures and precision. Specific aeromechanical knowledge and special measurement equipment are necessary to carry out a paraglider check. Please take into consideration that there may be a delay of 1-2 weeks during the summer season. We recommend you to send your paraglider in for checking in the winter months.

Please pack your paraglider well in a box. Please include a short letter with your name, address and any specific instructions about the check/ maintenance to our address.

ICARO Paragliders
Hochriesstrasse 1
83126 Flintsbach / Germany

You are welcome to send us the registration form in advance by e-mail:

We thank you for your confidence in us and wish you lots of fun and always great, accident-free flights with your ICARO Paragliders equipment


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