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Fun in pairs

The Parus² is our fully redesigned tandem glider with shark nose technology. Built with the latest and most sophisticated material on the market to date, the Techfiber STA15. Resulting in extremely easy starting and landing behaviour and benchmark handling characteristics.

Our EN-B Tandem

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Who it's for:

Due to its extremely easy handling and predictable flight characteristic, the Parus² is suitable for all pilots who want to use it either commercially or just for flying with family and friends.
For freestyle or sportive oriented pilots, the Parus2 in size 35,5 m² offers handling characteristics which are as close as possible to a solo glider.

The Characteristics:

With 7.2 kg for the 41.5 m² and 6.5 kg for the 35.5 m² glider, we do offer one of the lightest tandem gliders available on the market. Take off behaviours are just superb and handling characteristics shows a lighter and more agile canopy. Another big improvement are the new Line-types. Around 35% of drag reduction has been achieved with thinner Dyneema lines. This results into a better glide ratio and a higher top speed. Due to new leading-edge Mylar reinforcements and 40 additional Mini-Ribs along the Top-Sail, the glider feels even more precise and indicates thermals better.
The small Parus2 with 35.5m² has been developed for Pilots looking for the ultimate fun glider up to 180kg take-off weight. The handling is outstanding for a tandem glider.
The 41.5 m² Parus² in contrast has been tweaked to be the best companion for professional Tandem pilots. With a take-off range from 130 kg to 230 kg and its light but durable material, the glider will fulfil all wishes.

Size 35.5 3,698.00 EUR
Size 41.5 3,740.00 EUR


Vera Kaiser

The Look

The Parus² design consists of the heart piece of the ICARO Edelweiß-logo. This design is very prominent in the sky and you will leave a lasting impression.

Please note that the specially created colourways are also available for professional tandem pilots who wish to add advertising on the bottom sail which is therefore left single-coloured.

A great wing! After four weeks of boating, with turbulent spring thermics, a lot of wind and partly very demanding conditions I was fully convinced. Starting, landing, thermal flying has never been so easy as with the Parus 2. No tangled mess when laying on the ground, even at zero wind very easy to inflate. With a lot of wind it is even easier because zero tendency to shoot. When flying, you immediately notice the short control paths which are implemented one-to-one - great handling and thermals are intuitively sought out by it.

Andreas Balzer

Tandem Pilot

Technische Details

  • Line geometry
    Line geometry
  • Number of cells
    Number of cells
  • Profile type
    Profile type
  • V-tape type
    V-tape type
  • Segel Material
    Segel Material
  • Material Transition
    Material Transition
  • Mini ribs
    Mini ribs
Parus 35.5 Parus 41.5
Classification EN B B
Flat area (m2) 35,5 41,5
Projected area (m2) 29,75 34,75
Flat span (m) 13,9 15,0
Projected span (m) 10,70 11,55
Flat aspect ratio 5,45 5,45
Projected aspect ratio 3,85 3,85
Weight (Kg) 6,5 7,2
Profile type Shark nose Shark nose
Materials STA15 STA15
Number of cells 42 42
V-tape type 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge
Mini ribs Yes Yes
Line geometry 3 x 4 3 x 4
Speed system No No
Speed way (mm) 80 80
Trimmer Yes Yes
Seats 2 2
Inspected by DHV e.V. Miesbacher Str. 2 / 83703 Gmund / Germany
Test reference number DHV GS-01-2474-19 DHV GS-01-2475-19
Test regulations DIN EN 926-1:2016 / DIN EN 926-2: 2015 / NFL II 91/09, NFL 2 60/14
Scope of delivery glider, packingbelt, innerbag, riserbag, repair-kit, small present, fastbag