It's all about Style

The Aquila is our dedicated freestyle glider.
Based on our best thermal profile we were able to combine two worlds: The agility, speed and dynamics of an acro wing and the thermal and handling abilities of a high-level glider.

Our freestyle glider with top thermal abilities

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Who It’s for:

The Aquila is designed for all pilots with an intermediate skill level, being into real flying. With it’s collapse resistance and high passive safety, the glider is easy to control and can be handled under difficult conditions. Yet it’s agility and performance will thrill even the most skilled pilots.


Simone Luneburg

Simone Luneburg

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The Characteristics

The best thing about the Aquila is, that you can fly it in similar conditions like normal big gliders, plus much more: It is amazingly stable and compact, equally easy to takeoff in weak and strong wind conditions and it loves the thermals … And despite the small size, it climbs like crazy!

Due to the gliders construction and size it is much lighter and fits into smaller backpacks.
Like all the gliders from our new generation, the Aquila has a very simple, yet very advanced line geometry. Being a hybrid 3-liner with only 2 main lines per side makes the glider more performant and easier at tricky takeoffs.

The brakes are very effective, allowing you to slow down the wing, in order to use the weakest thermals or wind for soaring. Beyond that, they’re also very precise, making the Aquila highly maneuverable and easy to loop around …

Despite the high loading, when a collapse occurs, the glider reacts softly and very predictable, making the collapse reacting like an EN-A/B wing.

If you are looking for the ultimate playful wing, the Aquila will allow you to push your flying to the next level.

2,500.00 EUR

Delivery time 6 - 8 weeks


Vera Kaiser

The Look

The Aquila highlights the most radical and dynamic design we could extract from the Icaro Edelweiss flower, selected to fit the gliders special characteristics and your desire to make a good impression in the sky.
For the upcoming season the freestyle glider AQUILA will be presented in a new look. High-contrast colors like bright blue, red, purple and petrol in combination with lime and bordeaux boost the spectacular design of the Aquila.

You can choose your style from one of those four color options:

A very successful symbiosis of agility and an excellent climb-rate. The perfect glider for freestyler who want to play with the elements beyond the local mountain. Due to its light weight and small packing size it is also the perfect companion for Hike and Fly.
A real all-rounder…

Thomas Laireiter

R&D / Test pilot

Technical Details

  • Line geometry
    Line geometry
  • Number of cells
    Number of cells
  • Profile type
    Profile type
  • V-tape type
    V-tape type
  • Canopy material
    Canopy material
  • Material Transition
    Material Transition
  • Mini ribs
    Mini ribs
Aquila 18 Aquila 20 Aquila 22
Classification EN D D
Flat Area (m2) 18 20 22
Projected area (m2) 15,2 17 18,7
Flat span (m) 9,6 10,1 10,6
Projected span (m) 7,6 8 8,4
Flat aspect ratio 5,1 5,1 5,1
Projected aspect ratio 3,8 3,8 3,8
Carabiner distance < 80 Kg: 38–42 cm 80–100 Kg: 42–46 cm > 100 Kg: 46–50 cm
Weight (Kg) 4,4 4,5 4,7
Profile type Thermal Thermal Thermal
Materials Dokdo 30 Dokdo 30 Dokdo 30
Number of cells 36 36 36
V-tape type 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge 2-Cell-Bridge
Mini ribs Yes Yes Yes
Line geometry 3 + 1 3 + 1 3 + 1
Speed system Yes Yes Yes
Speed way (mm) 80 80 80
Trimmer No No No
Seats 1 1 1
Inspected by EAPR GmbH / Marktstr. 11 / 87730 Bad Grönenbach / Germany
Test reference number EAPR-GS-0336/15 EAPR-GS-0337/15
Test regulations EN 926-1:2006 / LTF 91/09 EN 926-2:2013 / EN 926-1:2006 / LTF 91/09 NfL 2-60-14
Scope of delivery glider, packingbelt, innerbag, riserbag, repair-kit, small present, backpack