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The ALBA rescue equipment is a non-controllable, manually triggered round-cap centerline concept for one-seat paragliding developed with a central line

For whom is it for

The ALBA is for all paragliding pilots who prefer a round cap rescue with highest reliability and strength, fastest opening time with low sinking speed, high pendulum stability, small pack size and a low weight.


- The individual webs are cut with a CNC plotter and coated so that they do not stick together.
- The lines are selected according to the application area to the highest strength and best properties. They positively influence the opening shock, especially at high speeds.
- The use of special materials from renowned manufacturers also results in excellent opening times and sink rates, which are below the levels required by the European Standard for all three sizes.

ALBA 85 572.00 EUR
ALBA 105 589.00 EUR
ALBA 130 622.00 EUR

Alba 85 Alba 105 Alba 130
Aera (m2)(m2) 23,90 29,0 35,8
Number of Cells 13 14 16
Weight with container (kg) (Kg) 1,4 1,65 1,95
Volume (ccm³)(cm) 3018 3458 3850
Max. load (Kg) 85 105 130
SINK RATE WITH MAX. LOAD (m/s) (m/s) < 5,45 < 5,4 < 5,45
REFERENCE NUMBER EP 243.2019 EP 244.2019 EP 245.2019