Light reversible harness

With only 2.5kg (size S-M) we managed to build a full harness. The XEMA light is the light alternative to our proven XEMA reversible harness - perfect for “Hike and Fly“

Who is it for

It is for pilots who want to have on their mountain tours
• as little weight as possible on the back,
• best carrying comfort,
• many attachment options for additional equipment such as drinking bottle, hiking sticks, sleeping bag and
• very good seating comfort when flying.


  • Get-Up Locking System

    Only two buckles ensure that the straps are fastened securely and easily.

  • High Performance Airbag

    Best protection due to the use of new materials and a new construction system.

  • Best Comfort

    Your weight is spread over a larger area thanks to the stiff polypropylene seating board.

  • Integrated Rescue Compartment

    The compartment under the seating board offers enough space for all common light rescue types.

  • Large side pockets

    For stowing your equipment with a net on the left and on the right with a zip for secure locking.


Simone Luneburg

Simone Luneburg

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The XEMA light is a reversible harness with low weight which also offers enough storage space for large paragliders. Numerous adjustment options adapt the belt perfectly to your body shape both when carrying and when flying. Because of its very good seating comfort, many hours of thermal flights or soaring on the coast can be enjoyed comfortably. Steering with weight shift is just as easy as accelerated flight with legs stretched.

883.00 EUR

Specification Reversible harness
Weight(Kg) 2,5 2,7 2,9
Max. load(Kg) 120 120 120
Suspension height(cm) 43 45 47
Carabiner distance 36 - 56 cm 36 - 56 cm 36 - 56 cm
Seat board rear 34 cm 36 cm 38 cm
seat board front 31 cm 33 cm 35 cm
Seat board depth 36 cm 38 cm 40 cm
Rucksack volume 85 l 90 l 100 l
Parachute volume 4,3 l 4,3 l 5,0 l
Verschluss System Get-Up
Protector Self -inflating airbag
Rescue position Under the seat, with lateral handle
Check interval 24 month
Reference number -