The Allrounder

Our new and lighter AIX³ is a robust and compact all-rounder with an integrated reserve parachute container under the seat and a large foam protector.

Who is it for

The AIX³ is especially suitable for beginners, but also for all pleasure pilots who prefer a seated position when flying.

Die Highlights

  • Protector

    14 cm thick foam protector

  • Safety has priority

    T- Lock locking System

  • Well stowed away

    The storage space in the back leaves nothing to be desired, so that clothing and food can be taken with you on any flight adventure. There is also enough space on the side for a camera, mobile phone or other smaller things.

  • Protection

    Dirt on the underside is also no problem for the AIX³. The harness has a plastic tarpaulin fixed with Velcro which can be easily cleaned and if it is broken, you can simply replace it


Vera Kaiser


Its belt geometry and clear adjustment options make it easier to adjust the AIX³ perfectly. Slipping in and out and thus taking off and landing are made easier by the specially designed leg belts and the ergonomic back section offers a uniquely good feeling in flight.

890.00 EUR

Specification Standard-harness Standard-harness Standard-harness
Weight(Kg) 3.4 3.7 4.2
Max. load (Kg) 120 120 120
Suspension height (cm) 46 48 50
carabiner distance (min-max) 42-54 cm 42-54 cm 42-54 cm
Protector-Type 14 cm Foam Protector
Rescue position Integrated container attached under the seat; handle at the right side