Square light

The light "ICARO- square" among the paraglider rescue equipment

The SQUARE Light is a modern cross-canopy rescue parachute which, due to its design, has a very low opening time as well as high pendulum stability - two factors which can be decisive when it counts.

Who is it for

Due to its light weight and small packing volume, the SQUARE light is not only the ideal companion for Hike &Fly fans, but also the optimal solution for all solo paraglider pilots who prefer light equipment.


Vera Kaiser

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Due to its square shape and the corner vents, the dreaded swaying is reduced to a minimum.
Easy packing, minimal weight, low sink rate at maximum trailer load (is less than
5.5 m/sec. for all three sizes), fast opening behavior and the excellent pendulum stability will convince every paraglider pilot of our new cross canopy rescue system.

Square light 90 Square light 110 Square light 130
Area(m2) 18.75 22.9 27.2
Weight incl. Container(Kg) 0.90 1.05 1.20
Volume(cm3) 2600 2900 3700
Min load (Kg) 60 73 87
Max. load (Kg) 90 110 130
Sinking at the max. load(m/s) < 5.5 < 5.5 < 5.5
Length of center lines(mm) 4660 5150 5610
Certification number EP_343.2023 EP_344.2023 EP_345.2023