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The NIKITA XTC acro paraglider is designed to easily perform all aerobatic maneuvers in normal or rotated flight. Active safety with minimal passive safety ensure that the NIKITA XTC acts immediately and according to your wishes.

The legendary Acro-Wing

Para elegir fácilmente el parapente adecuado para ti, consulta el gráfico que hemos desarrollado:

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The Nikita XTC is suitable for all pilots who want to learn or fly acrobatics and who have already mastered all advanced SIV and basic acro maneuvers with an EN-B wing.
Depending on the wing loading (flight weight/glider area) the Nikita XTC is suitable for learning acro at a load of less than 4.6 kg/m2, for mastering acro at a load between 4.6-5.6 kg/m2 and suitable for acro competitions over 5.6 kg/m2.


The NIKITA XTC is a long range acro paraglider. It has the characteristic "soft brake pressure", the same as the previous models. "Soft Brake Pressure" means that for every kilogram of force on the brake line you get the maximum effect on the movement of the wing. The internal pressure is moderate, so the NIKITA XTC feels like a paraglider and not heavy when flying. DynamicStall, Misty, Mactwist and Rhythmic are super easy to fly and won't tire your biceps.
Compared to its predecessor models, the NIKITA XTC is characterized by the following features:
It increases the range of pilot skills, is suitable for learning, is optimized for easy learning of helicopter connections, performs infinite tumbling with more energy and is stable, contains new technologies and innovations, has a highly optimized and fully adjustable riser system with free brakes and pulleys and is designed to be slower with the same load. In addition, it lasts longer because it has greater stability against plastic deformation.

Please be aware that the lower load limit for each glider size represents the minimum required to maintain infinite tumbling motion. Consult an ACRO flight instructor to find the ideal paraglider size for your weight and skill level.



Vera Kaiser


Extractos del logo Edelweiss de ICARO decoran el NIKITA 5, seleccionados para respetar las características específicas de cada ala y para adaptarnos a tu deseo de causar una buena impresión en el cielo.

"El NIKITA XTC vuela con precisión y estabilidad. La Esfera funciona sin problemas y las transiciones están perfectamente vinculadas. El Helicóptero es estable y, ya sea que se eleve en una pendiente o en vuelo de acro, me encanta la dinámica controlable de la vela. El NIKITA XTC es el digno sucesor de los 5..."

Xandi Meschuh

Paraglider Development / R&D / Test Pilot

NikitaXTC 17 NikitaXTC 18 NikitaXTC 20 NikitaXTC 22.5
Flat area (m2) 17 18 20 22.5
Projected area (m2) 14.4 15.3 17 18.7
Flat span (m) 9.9 10.2 10.7 11.1
Projected span (m) 7.8 8 8.4 8.6
Flat aspect ratio 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7
Projected aspect ratio 4.2 4.2 4.2 4.2
Carabiner distance < 80 Kg: 38–42 cm 80–100 Kg: 42–46 cm > 100 Kg: 46–50 cm -
Weight (Kg) 4.9 5.2 5.5 5.8
Profile type Acro-Profile Acro-Profile Acro-Profile Acro-Profile
Materials Skytex 38 Skytex 38 Skytex 38 Skytex 38
Number of cells 50 50 50 50
V-tape type 2-Cell-Bridge / 3-Cell 2-Cell-Bridge / 3-Cell 2-Cell-Bridge / 3-Cell 2-Cell-Bridge / 3-Cell
Mini ribs No No No No
Speed system Yes Yes Yes Yes
Speed way(mm) 180 180 180 180
Trimmer Nein Nein Nein Nein
Seats 1 1 1 1
Scope of delivery glider, packingbelt, innerbag, riserbag, repair-kit, fastbag
Certification The paraglider has no flight tests according to EN certification, but has been tested for strength according to EN standards. Adding passive safety for flight testing would defeat this glider's very purpose of "doing what it's told".