XC Backpack

What it is

The ICARO XC Backpack is a classic paragliding backpack made of durable ripstop 210D PU nylon. Its special features are not just shape and colors but also its low weight of only 795 grams, its ergonomic carrying system, its volume of 90 liters and its additional generous storage space.

Who is it for?

The ICARO XC Backpack is for all those adventurers who are looking for a reliable and durable companion for a short Hike & Fly flight tour or for a crossing of the Alps.

How does it work?

The backback is an important part of the paragliding equipment next to glider and harness. A perfect backpack distributes the load evenly over hips and shoulders, it does not restrict the wearer's freedom of movement and allows easy access to everything you have taken with you.


  • Storage

    Stow glider, harness & accessories in backpack, pack important things in the outer pockets on the right and left side so that they are easy to reach during the trip.

  • More storage

    Everything that doesn't fit in the backpack can be stowed in the large cover pocket. ID card, mobile phone, etc. in the small cover pocket.

  • Carry

    Then shoulder the backpack, place the hip belt in the middle of the pelvis and tighten.

  • Adjust to your taste

    Now tighten the shoulder straps just enough to keep the weight on your hips and not too much on your shoulders.

  • Optimize

    Finally, tighten the optimization straps on the shoulder straps according to the body to further improve the wearing comfort.

  • Have fun!

    Let's get started! On to the next adventure, have fun!


Vera Kaiser

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