The Macedonian Story

ICARO Paragliders is very excited to present the new ICARO movie filmed in the wonderful scenery of Macedonia.

ICARO wants to enter a new era of paragliding: More agile, more dynamic, more exciting. From now on your attitude to life, your emotion and your style will be our priority.

The Icaro team consisting of Lino Oehl, Ralf Groesel, Martin Jovanovski, Michael Scheck and Goran Kuzmanovski went off to a flying trip through the untouched nature of Macedonia.
Here they discovered the perfect flying sites for freestyle sessions with the glider Aquila, soft and delightful flights with the glider Pica and fun wing overs with the new tandem Parus over the village Krushevo.
Join us!

Para activar el video tienes que hacer clic en el siguiente enlace. Usamos Youtube y nos gustaría informarle que después de la activación, los datos serán enviados a Youtube.

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