Our Manifest

The ICARO Manifesto

Flying is always at the heart of our thoughts and imagination at ICARO.

Every new idea, every technical development, every innovation is an important step for us in making the paragliding experience easier, safer and more exhilarating for pilots of all ages and abilities.

We have achieved a lot in the past 20 years through staying true to these values. Your enjoyment and thrill of freeflight are at the centre of the ICARO brand and ethos. This, combined with powerful, dynamic and stand out paragliders, is breathing a fresh approach and new life into the paragliding world.

With our products, every pilot can fulfil their free flight ambitions. Whether a beginner or pleasure pilot. A distance hunter, freestyler or Acro pilot. ICARO can accompany you on the journey to where nature and thrills unite.

The attention to detail and the styling are stand out design features for all of our products, and we are always pushing the limits to improve on these high standards. Our aim is to make paragliding desirable to young people and get them excited about our sport.

ICARO Paragliders is all about freedom, flying and fun. “It’s not just a sport – it’s a lifestyle.”

Join us and let's take off!