Jet & Limit

Reliable safety

The reliable rescue systems Jet and Limit constructed for the extreme case made of selected materials guarantee high safety.

Who it is for:

A wide pallet of different sizes offers a matching model for every pilot and purpose.
Also Freestyle- and competition pilots like to use these rescues systems for their first- or/and second rescue.

The Characteristics

The round heads-central lines-with drawn in vertex rescue systems are stable, solid and universally applicable.

They convince with
— solidity of the used materials,
— easy handling when packing and when operating,
— fast opening times,
— high stability during the sink phase and low sinking speed as well as
— a small packing volume and weight compared with other rescue systems*.

* Except light rescues

JET Limit L Limit XL Limit Biplace
Area (m2) 34,0 38,5 40,5 69,0
Number of cells 16 22 24 36
Weight with Container (Kg) 1,9 2,4 2,55 4,0
Packsize (L x B x H)(cm) 26 x 26 x 9 25 x 25 x 10 26 x 26 x 11 27 x 27 x 20
Maximum Load (Kg) 100 120 148 220
Sinkrate with max. Load (m/s) 6,0 6,0 5,5 5,8
Center line 1 2 2 2
Reference number DHV GS-02-0106-03 DHV GS-02-0105-03 DHV GS-02-0134-06 DHV GS-02-0145-07