Tandem pilot harness

The practical and compact tandem pilot harness Loxia was matched to our tandem glider Parus and the passenger harness Batis.

Who is it for

Especially developed for private and commercial tandem pilots who attach great importance to safety and comfort.

The Highlights

  • Protector

    The airbag under the seat and the small protector between pilot and rescue container offer protection.

  • Storage

    A generous back pocket, two side pockets and a neoprene pocket at the shoulder offer enough storage.

  • Adjustment options

    Chest straps, shoulder straps and the tilt of the back part can be adjusted individually to every body shape.


Simone Luneburg

Simone Luneburg

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The characteristic

The self-stabilising leg straps enable the tandem pilot an easy transition from running to sitting.
The seating position is supported by a reinforced back part and a seating board. As a result the comfort is given even after many tandem flights every day. The adjustability of the shoulder straps and the chest belt as well as the adjustable tilt of the back rest do not only guarantee a high sitting comfort but also reduce the fatigue of the pilot. The rescue container is placed on the back of the harness. To protect the pilot a small protector is placed between pilot and the rescue container.

Specification Tandem pilot harness
Weight (Kg) 3,65
Max. load (Kg) 100
Suspension height (cm) 40
Carabiner distance <37–48 cm
Type of protection Airbag
Rescue position back part
Check interval 24 Month
Reference number PH 169.2016