Safety from the beginning on

The Energy SP is a closed airbag harness with an integrated spiral spring. It provides excellent protection right from the first steps in the starting phase.

Who is it for

For all-rounder and leisure pilots who prefer a compact air bag harness which provides a functional protector right from the start.

The Highlights

  • Safety from the first minute

    The integrated airbag fills up automatically due to a spiral spring and offers safety from beginning on. The T-lock system keeps you safely in your seat.

  • Additional protection to suit your taste

    For retrofitting and for extra protection a side protector can be mounted between the seating board and the lateral pelvis area.

  • Storage space

    Equipped with a flexible neoprene-pocket with a zip on the sides and a spacious rear pocket.

  • Protection from dirt

    A PVC-protection foil at the bottom protecting the harness from dirt.

  • Design Details

    As found in all of our products the Energy SP is rounded off by embroidered elements and leather zip pullers.


Marcello Heinlein

Marcello Heinlein

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The Characteristics

A very comfortable harness which enables a stable flight position due to its sophisticated geometry. Straight after starting you can easily get into the seat.

For transportation the airbag protector can be compressed. Before the start it will fill itself with air and will provide protection right from the beginning. Optionally a side protector can be mounted between the seating board and the lateral pelvic area.

Specification Performance-Harness
Weight (Kg) 3,9 4,2 4,5
Max. load (Kg) 120 120 120
Suspension height (cm) 43 45 47
Carabiner distance 41-46 cm 42,5-47 cm 41,5-46 cm
Type of protection closed airbag harness with integrated spiral spring
Rescue position Built-in container under the seat
Check interval 24 Month
Reference number GS-03-0386-13