The reversible harness

The airbag of the Energy Cross is prefilled with air due to an extremely stable Nitinol frame inside. It offers therefore superior safety compared to other airbags of this kind.

Who it is for

For everyone that wants to combine advanced air bag technology with little weight, good carrying comfort and comfortable flying. The Energy Cross is suitable for several kinds of pilots: From the leisure pilot to the cross country pilot.

The Highlights

  • Velcro straps

    Velcro-bands give you the possibility to fix a mini-vario or Spot directly to the harness.

  • Adjustable rescue compartment

    The volume of the rescue pocket can be enlarged or reduced depending on the size of your rescue.

  • Well stowed

    On each side there is a pocket. The pockets are accessible during flight. Additionally the Energy Cross offers a large back compartment with elastic straps (i.e. for climbing sticks) in order to minimise the risk of injury.

  • Safety with Nitinol rods

    Surrounded Nitinol ensures that the airbag fills up to 60% before starting

  • Airbag in the back area

    The airbag offers you extra protection up to the back area.


Marcello Heinlein

Marcello Heinlein

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The Characteristics

The Energy Cross is a light weight harness that does not accept any compromises in safety, storage space and comfort.
Standard- and light gliders up to size L can fit nicely in the Energy Cross.
The airbag is filled up to 60% before the start due to a form stable Nitinol frame. During the start the airbag is filled completely up to the back area. The harness offers therefore a passive safety beyond the required norm.
The size of the rescue pocket is adjustable by using a zip which enables you to adapt the rescue pocket to your rescue. A shifting of the rescue is impossible.

Specification Reversible harness
Weight (Kg) 3,5 3,6 3,7
Max. load (Kg) 120 120 120
Suspension height (cm) 43 43 45
Carabiner distance 38-46 cm 38-47 cm 40-49 cm
Type of protection Airbag protector
Rescue position Built-in container under the seat
Check interval 24 Month
Reference number EAPR-GZ-7302/10