The passenger harness

Robust and easy to handle: A compact passenger harness which matches our pilot harness perfectly.

Who is it for

Suitable for all tandem pilots who want to provide a safe and comfortable harness to their passengers.

Die Highlights

  • Airbag

    An airbag underneath the seat offers the passenger more safety when starting and landing.

  • Safety to your taste

    Fast closing buckles with the SafeTBar lock mechanism.

  • Storage

    Camera, mobile phone, jacket and much more can be stored in the elastic side pocket or in the generous back pocket.


Simone Luneburg

Simone Luneburg

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The Characteristics

The harness is equipped with an airbag under the seat and offers an optimal protection whilst starting and landing. Diverse adjustment options like adaption of the chest straps and the back tilt, shoulder straps and leg straps let the passenger enjoy the flight in a comfortable and upright position. The slender form guarantees enough space between pilot and passenger - successful starts, comfortable flights and safe landings are guaranteed.

Specification Tandemharness
Weight(Kg) 3,0
Max. Load(Kg) 100
Suspension height(cm) 44
Carabiner distance <37–48 cm
Type of protection Airbag
Rescue position Backside
Check interval 24 Monate
Reference number PH 168.2016