The hike & fly reversible harness

The APUS light is a reversible lightweight harness for hike & fly, leisure flying, thermal flying, ground handling or soaring at the dunes.
It is the even lighter successor of our harness APUS. It meets the highest safety standards in conjunction with its EN / LTF type-approved airbag protector.

Who is it for

It is for pilots who want as little weight on their backs as possible and very good seating comfort and many mounting options for their additional equipment such as water bottle, hiking poles and sleeping bag. The pilot can independently decide how much passive protector protection he wants.

The Highlights

  • Velcro straps

    Fixed by Velcro-straps a mini-vario or Spot can be attached to the harness.

  • Additional fixtures

    Due to the two additional buckles you have the option to add a front container with a rescue parachute directly to the harness.

  • Safety to your taste

    The 3.5 cm thin foam protector offers you additional safety while they are light and can be removed as needed.

  • Further attachment options

    Equipment like sticks, drinking bottles and sleeping bags can be fastened to your harness.

  • Speed system

    A magnet clip helps you to fix the speed system to the harness easily.


Peter Grammanitsch

Peter Grammanitsch

Contact Peter now: +49 (0)8034 909700

The Characteristics

In combination with the airbag protector the APUS light a high value EN/LTF-certified reversible harness with minimum weight. The APUS light offers enough storage space for larger gliders.
Various adjustment options help to accommodate the harness perfectly to your body. The control with weight shift is just as easy, as is the accelerated flight on full speed bar. Even long-lasting thermal flights are comfortable and enjoyable.

The weights in detail:
Harness + carabiner 1.7 kg
Harness + carabiner + Front container (without rescuer) 2.0 kg
Harness + carabiner + Front container (without rescuer) + Airbag Protector 2,3 kg
Harness + carabiner + Front container (without rescuer) + airbag Protector +
optional 3 cm Foam Protector 2.6 kg

576.00 EUR

Specification Reversible lightweight harness
Weight (Kg) 1,7
Max. load (Kg) 100
Suspension height (cm) 45
Carabiner distance <37–48 cm
Type of protection mountable airbag- protector (0,33kg) optional available foamed rubber protector 3 cm (0,25kg) mountable in a separate insertion on the backside
Rescue position Mountable front container
Check interval 24 Month
Reference number DHV-GS-03-0339-06